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Chiropractic Care for Improved Menstrual Health


Menstrual health may not be one of the first things you think of when you think of optimal health, but poor menstrual health can lead to dysfunction within the body such as infertility, sexual dysfunction, painful or difficult PMS, or a variety of other health concerns.  For many women, the menstrual cycle is not just an annoying occurrence that happens once a month, but it is also a painful experience that can lead to bloating, cramping, lethargy, and severe back pain.  If your menstrual health has caused dysfunction or pain, there is hope. Traditional methods for improving menstrual health such as medications may improve the feeling of PMS or menstrual health struggles, but they are only a temporary solution and can cause a slew of unwanted side effects.  Regular visits to a Lithia Springs chiropractor, however, treat the root cause of menstrual issues.  Chiropractic care is a natural and safe method for improving both menstrual health and overall wellbeing.

Chiropractic Can Help Manage Menstrual Irregularities

Women face several different types of menstrual health issues.  Premenstrual symptoms (PMS), amenorrhea (lack of a normal period during reproductive years), and dysmenorrhea (painful cramping) are the most common types of menstrual health problems among women today.  While many women may be glad about a lack of menstrual cycle, it is actually a cause for concern as it could be a sign of something more serious going on within the body.  If you experience menstrual irregularities or significant pain, seek care from Dr. Ronnie Bolar of Vital Life Chiropractic to address menstrual health concerns.

Chiropractic Care Removes Nerve Interference

At the root of many menstrual health problems are spinal misalignments.  The spine plays an important role in the central nervous system as messages are carried throughout the body through the spinal […]

Fight or Flight vs Rest and Digest: The Sympathetic and Parasympathetic Nervous Systems

Family Health at Vital Life ChiropracticOur bodies are amazingly equipped to handle all kinds of situations that may be thrown at us.  In fact, our central nervous system is made up of a few different parts, all of which help our body adequately cope with various situations and external factors.  When broken down to some of its smallest parts, the central nervous system is composed of two parts, the sympathetic and parasympathetic.  Each part plays an important role in how the body functions, but when one part takes over and becomes dominate, the delicate balance is disrupted, causing dysfunction and chaos with the body.  When dysfunction begins, Lithia Springs chiropractor Dr. Ronnie Bolar can help.

Sympathetic Vs. Parasympathetic

Within your body, the sympathetic system is more like the gas pedal while the parasympathetic system is similar to the brake pedal in a car.  The sympathetic system is responsible for our “fight or flight” response when we feel stressed.  When your sympathetic system is fired up, it causes increased heart rate, pupil dilation, and increased blood pressure to let your body know it’s time to either run or fight.  This survival mode is important for certain situations, but when the sympathetic system is on overdrive, it causes your body more stress and can also lead to forgetfulness or inability to concentrate. If our body stays in a sympathetic state for too long, it can lead to other kinds of problems such as depression or fatigue. The parasympathetic system does the exact opposite of the sympathetic system in that it slows the body down, sending out calming feelings so that the body has time to repair itself. This response allows for proper digestion, healing of any sicknesses, repairing of cells, and more. This response […]

Developmental Delays and Chiropractic

When you think of chiropractic care, your first thought might not be that it can be beneficial for children with developmental delays.  However, chiropractic care is incredibly beneficial for not only developmental delays, but also for improving the quality of life for many.  Children with developmental delays may show signs of delayed motor skills, speech issues, dyslexia, or dyspraxia.  Disorders such as Attention Deficit Disorder can also be related to developmental delays in children.  But there is hope for frustrated children and parents with a natural, effective, and drug-free way to deal with these issues.  Regular visits to a Lithia Springs Chiropractor can drastically improve the lives of those with developmental delays.

What Can Cause Delays?

There are a variety of reasons that children experience developmental delays.  One primary cause is spinal subluxations, or misalignments of the vertebrae.  Almost every child with developmental delays has been found to have spinal misalignments where the vertebrae are twisted, turned, or out of place.  Most parents or guardians don’t associate these subluxations with developmental delays, when in reality, they could be the root cause of some developmental delays.  These spinal misalignments leads to nerve interference that disrupts communication of the central nervous system to the rest of the body.  When the body can’t communicate as it should, dysfunction occurs within the body.  This nerve interference can affect speech development, motor skills, and even physical growth in children.  Thankfully, Lithia Springs chiropractor Dr. Ronnie Bolar has an extensive knowledge of the central nervous system and can help address problems of developmental delays in children.

Chiropractic Care for Developmental Delays

Upon initial consultation, Dr. Ronnie Bolar of Vital Life Chiropractic will perform an spinal assessment to locate spinal misalignments and nerve interference. Once you’ve been fully educated on […]

Chiropractic Care and Seizures

A common condition that many people in America suffer from is known as epilepsy.  This condition is a seizure disorder marked by sudden convulsions or abnormal activity of the brain.   Over 180,000 people report suffering from epilepsy, including males and females as well as children and adults.  Having seizures can make you feel like you have no control over your health or body, but there are things that can be done to better manage seizure symptoms and reduce instances of seizures.  You may be surprised to learn that a Lithia Springs chiropractor can help with your seizures, whether you have epilepsy, a diagnosed seizure disorder, or simply experience seizures from time to time.

Causes of Seizures

Over half of the seizures that occur in those with epilepsy are due to unknown causes.  Doctors simply don’t know what is causing seizures to happen.  Other known causes can be due to a variety of other factors, such as loss of oxygen to the brain during birth, trauma of some form, Autism, congenital conditions, or brain malfunctions.  Strokes, severe infections, or even genetic factors may also play a part in seizures in adults.  While there is indeed a reason for every seizure that happens, it is often vague and/or unknown, leaving many to wonder what exactly can be done to manage seizures.

Managing Seizures

The first option for those who suffer from seizures is usually to look to medication.  While medication can be beneficial for some, over 30 percent of those on medications experience little to no change in their seizures.  Medication also comes with its own risk of potentially harmful side effects.  Another method for managing seizures is a newer technology that involves a device implanted in the body to stimulate the Vagus nerve electrically.  This […]

Chiropractic Care for Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s disease affects over 1.5 million Americans.  Each year, 60,000 people in America are diagnosed with Parkinson’s.  It can affect both men and women, although the rate among men is slightly higher.  Most men and women diagnosed with the disease are over the age of 60.  However, around 15% of those affected by Parkinson’s are diagnosed before the age of 40.

Parkinson’s is a debilitating disease that affects brain and muscle function.  The main sign of Parkinson’s disease is shaking or trembling, especially of the hands.  As the disease progresses, muscle shaking worsens which can lead to falling, inability to swallow, or loss of bladder control.  Not only does Parkinson’s affect the body, but it also affects the mind as well, often causing confusion or dementia.  There is yet to be a cure for Parkinson’s, but there are methods for managing both the progression and the symptoms of the disease.  Chiropractic care from a Lithia Springs chiropractor has shown to be an effective method for improving the overall quality of life for those affected by this disease.

What Causes Parkinson’s

Parkinson’s is caused by a lack of dopamine in the brain.  Nerve cells are unable to make the necessary dopamine that plays a vital role in telling your body how to move.  Dopamine is also essential for smooth, easy muscle control.  When these nerves in the brain break down and fail to produce enough dopamine, it is then that individuals will begin to notice the signs and symptoms of Parkinson’s.

What Role Does Chiropractic Play?

Chiropractic care has shown to improve the quality of life as well as slow down the progression of the disease for those suffering from Parkinson’s.  Medications may help, but these are often only short-term solutions that mask the symptoms for […]

Manage Tourette’s Syndrome and Tics with Chiropractic Care


In the United States today, over 300,000 children suffer from Tourette’s syndrome.  This neurological disorder is characterized by its involuntary movements or vocalizations known as tics.  In most children, tics begin between the ages of 5 and 7, typically becoming more noticeable by the ages of 8 to 12.  However, in some instances, tics have begun in children as young as 3.  Most children outgrow tics by adulthood.  If they do carry on into adulthood, they are usually not as noticeable and are more controlled.  But for children, it can be very frustrating to experience these involuntary movements and vocalizations.  While no official cure exists, there is some research that suggests that Tourette’s syndrome may be genetic.  It has also been linked to trauma or injury, specifically of the neck.  If your child is suffering from Tourette’s syndrome, you may be surprised to hear that a Lithia Springs chiropractor can help.  Dr. Ronnie Bolar of Vital Life Chiropractic can provide a natural, drug-free, and effective solution for managing Tourette’s syndrome and tics.

About Tourette’s Syndrome and Tics

If your child has been diagnosed with Tourette’s syndrome, then they have to deal with one or more tics that is associated with this syndrome.  Some children without Tourette’s also experience tics.  A diagnosis of Tourette’s usually means that your child experiences multiple tics for longer periods of time.  Doctors have also found that Tourette’s is often diagnosed in conjunction with other conditions as well, such as anxiety disorders, OCD, learning disabilities, migraines, and ADHD.  Many turn to medication to help manage tics, but medicine only masks symptoms for a short time and they can have negative long-term effects.  For more permanent and effective results, consider chiropractic care from a Lithia Springs chiropractor.

Chiropractic Care for […]

Improve Elder Health with Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care is still a relatively new form of healthcare compared to other methods out there. Having only been around for about a hundred years, chiropractic care is not yet considered mainstream, but it’s gradually growing in popularity among all ages – including, and especially, among older adults. With the way that our bodies age and with how chiropractic care provides an improvement to many specific health issues, it’s safe to say that chiropractic care becomes increasingly important as we age.

Research is being done all over the world to explore the impact and benefits of chiropractic care for people at different ages and with different types of health conditions, including for wellness care and elder health.

Common Pains Among the Elderly

As the body ages, it becomes less and less proficient compared to when it was in its prime. This is just a part of growing older. Joint pain can develop or worsen from arthritis, we can get bad hips and/or knees, and we might develop a chronic health condition that causes ongoing or intermittent pain. Joints can wear out (a common cause of arthritis among senior citizens) or stiffen. Even our muscles can be affected, getting weaker and having decreased range of motion.

Due to reduced range of motion, stiffness, and more pain in general, older individuals are more at risk of losing their balance and getting injured from falls. Stiffness, pain, and other complications can also impact an individual’s ability to get to sleep and stay asleep, causing a lack of sleep and a poorer quality of sleep.

Can Chiropractic Care Improve Quality of Life for Elderly?

Thankfully, chiropractic care isn’t just for younger individuals or for those with back pain. Lithia Springs chiropractor Dr. Ronnie Bolar from Vital Life Chiropractic provides neurologically-based […]

Chiropractic Care Can Help Improve Behavior in Kids

As a child is growing and developing, it is very important that they get adequate sleep, maintain a proper diet, get enough exercise, and so on. Lack of sleep and a poor diet are often a major contributors to other issues in kids, such as ADHD, stunted brain growth, developmental issues, and behavioral problems. Other underlying health issues can contribute to child’s poor behavior and their inability to get adequate sleep, and vice versa.

What most people don’t realize is that a Lithia Springs chiropractor, like Dr. Ronnie Bolar at Vital Life Chiropractic, can provide care that gets to the root of any child’s problem, particularly when it comes to sleep disturbances and behavioral issues.

Is Medication the Right Answer?

It’s not uncommon for many parents to seek out specialized medication in order to alleviate behavioral issues. However, the problem with medication as a solution to those problems is that medication is only a temporary fix or a mask for the problem and it doesn’t get to the root of the issue. Behavior-altering medications also can change the personality of your children and affect other parts of their lives, such as their sleep habits and their appetite.

Since sleep and behavior in kids often go hand-in-hand, it’s important that parents find a natural and effective way for their children to get enough sleep and simultaneously alleviate other behavioral issues. This is where Lithia Springs chiropractic care comes into play as a natural, non-invasive solution for sleep and behavioral issues.

How Chiropractic Helps Children

In a study of a five-year-old boy who woke up every two hours throughout the night, his mother brought him in to see a chiropractor. With regular, consistent visits to get chiropractic adjustments, his mother noted an improvement in sleeping habits. The improvements were […]

Finding Stress Relief through Chiropractic Care

Everybody deals with stress. It’s just a normal part of life. However, some people experience different intensities, frequencies, and types of stress than other people. Trying to escape from it completely is an uphill battle because it’s not possible to completely alleviate all stress and associated symptoms.

But you can, however, find stress relief and alleviate some of the symptoms, reduce the intensity, diminish the frequency, and otherwise increase your tolerance of stress. One solution that is often overlooked is chiropractic care. Whether you’re dealing with a lot of stress or a little, chiropractic care may surprise you with the relief that it can bring.

How Stress Shows Up

Stress can show up in a variety of different ways and from many different sources or causes. It is a type of mechanism that kicks into motion when it’s dealing with something that is uncomfortable or unwanted. In other words, it is an indicator from our body and nervous system that the body needs some kind of change.

When we experience stress, the body releases cortisol, and whatever doesn’t get alleviated or dealt with continues to cause the body to produce cortisol. Cortisol in small amounts on an occasional basis can be a good thing, but if the body is left to continue producing cortisol, it can weaken the immune system and bring about a myriad of other issues.

Stress can show up as a result of situations outside of our control (such as related to our jobs, the weather, regional incidents, political situations, etc.) as well as resulting from our own inner thoughts and how we treat ourselves. The way we eat, exercise, thoughts we have of ourselves, and actions we take (or don’t take) can all impact the level of stress we are experiencing.

Using Chiropractic Care to Relieve […]

Chiropractic Care: Non-Invasive Relief for GERD

Gastroesophageal reflux disease, or GERD as it’s known by most, is a condition that many people suffer from. If you have GERD, you are constantly worrying about whether or not certain foods will affect you more than others, how well you’ll be able to stay asleep at night, where the closest restroom is, and other unpleasant symptoms.

What if there was a non-invasive method to get relief from GERD that gets closer to the root cause, rather than using medication that acts only as a temporary solution? Lithia Springs chiropractor Dr. Ronnie Bolar from Vital Life Chiropractic specializes in helping his practice members find relief for a wide variety of conditions through principled, neurologically-based chiropractic care.

Common Solutions for GERD Relief

Working outside of a chiropractic environment, it’s quite common to receive a lot of medical advice and suggestions from doctors, including but not limited to diet change, exercise change, avoiding specific types of food (fried and fatty foods), eliminating caffeine and alcohol, and more. These lifestyle changes are often beneficial, but they may not be a permanent solution to GERD symptoms.

It’s even possible to be prescribed specific medications (or even surgery!) to reduce the symptoms you’re experiencing with GERD. One case study shows that some medication prescribed by doctors can actually have negative side-effects to the esophageal sphincter, making GERD worse and bringing about other possible issues. In some cases, these types of medication and surgeries are necessary, but not every case of GERD calls for them.

Chiropractic Care as a Natural, Safe, Non-Invasive Form of GERD Relief

At Vital Life Chiropractic, Dr. Ronnie Bolar works hard as a Lithia Springs chiropractor to provide non-invasive pain management solutions for a variety of conditions. Chiropractic care often gets overlooked as a form of wellness and […]

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