Chiropractic Care Can Help with PCOS

Approximately every 1 out of 10 women suffer from PCOS, or Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome.  For some women, PCOS can begin around the time of puberty but may not be diagnosed until adulthood, more specifically around childbearing age.  Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome can cause a hormonal imbalance that not only causes problems with metabolism rates, but also affects many other aspects of your health.  Not every woman experiences the same symptoms, but in general, symptoms of PCOS can include mood changes, headaches, fatigue, weight gain, infertility, or sleep problems.  Whatever symptoms you experience, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome can have a major impact on your health and your quality of life.  But there is hope!  Many women have found hope and healing through chiropractic care from Lithia Springs chiropractor Dr. Ronnie Bolar, and you can too.

What Causes PCOS?

PCOS may be a genetic disorder that is inherited, but it can be also caused by higher than normal levels of androgens, also known as “male” hormones.  This high level of androgen can lead to baldness or facial hair, common male-like traits.  Another cause of PCOS could be high insulin levels.  High insulin levels lead to high blood sugar levels.  It could be these high levels of insulin that result in poor nutrition habits and weight gain.  In addition to typical symptoms of this syndrome, PCOS can also cause a slew of other health problems.  One of the most notable concerns for women is infertility.  The reproductive organs don’t function like they should and women struggle with regular ovulation, making it harder to conceive.  Other health issues associated with PCOS can include anxiety, depression, sleep apnea, and poor cholesterol.  While monitoring eating habits, exercising regularly, or taking vitamins and supplements can decrease symptoms of PCOS, they may […]

National Infertility Awareness Week & How Chiropractic Can Help with Infertility

April 22nd to 28th is National Infertility Awareness Week. The week was instituted by a group called Resolve. This group is part of the National Infertility Association and they strive to help those struggling with infertility by providing access to care, support, community, and education. As part of our contribution to National Infertility Awareness Week, we here at Vital Life Chiropractic want to share our knowledge about the experience some women have had overcoming infertility through chiropractic care.

Who Struggles with Infertility?

Contrary to popular belief, it’s not just older women who struggle with infertility. Women and men of all ages can face infertility, which is simply the inability to get or stay pregnant. About 10% of women in the US between ages 15 and 44 face infertility, a diagnosis that is given only after one full calendar year of actively trying to conceive with no viable pregnancies resulting.

Men alone contribute to about one third of infertility issues, while women alone contribute to about one third, and the remaining one third of infertility cases can be attributed to both men and women with infertility.

What Are the Common Treatments for Infertility?

Most medications that are prescribed for infertility are designed to help women ovulate more regularly. These fertility treatments can often lead to increased likelihood of getting pregnant with multiples, such as twins or triplets. Being pregnant with multiples often leads to more complications during pregnancy, especially for those who previously faced infertility.

Other infertility treatments include intrauterine insemination, where a woman is injected with specially prepared sperm, and assisted reproductive technology, such as in vitro, where a woman’s eggs are fertilized outside her body and then the embryos are placed back into her uterus. Unfortunately, these treatments are incredibly expensive and not […]

The Benefits of Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a beautiful and miraculous thing, but it can also be a time of discomfort, restlessness, and even pain for some women. With as many changes as a woman’s body goes through during the course of a pregnancy, it’s no wonder that various aches and pains present themselves randomly and without warning. The most common reasons pregnant women look for Lithia Springs chiropractors is to reduce back pain that comes from carrying their child, though many find that it helps them in other ways as well.

What many people don’t know is that receiving chiropractic care during pregnancy offers women (and their babies!) a myriad of awesome benefits both short-term and long-term. If you are pregnant and want the healthiest pregnancy for yourself and your baby, give Dr. Ronnie a call at Vital Life Chiropractic in Lithia Springs, GA to schedule a consultation!

Common Pregnancy Complaints Alleviated with Chiropractic Care

Any pregnant woman could provide a lengthy list of various complaints at any given moment during her pregnancy. Nausea, back pain, heartburn, hip discomfort, restless legs, headaches, and more are commonly experienced during healthy pregnancies, but oftentimes, there isn’t much that can be done to immediately alleviate them. While some medications may help short-term, they don’t get rid of the root cause of the ailment and they come with their own risks and side effects. Since your Lithia Springs chiropractor, Dr. Ronnie, is all about true correction rather than temporary relief, he will adjust a pregnant woman with gentle adjustments that target spinal misalignments that are related to her pregnancy woes.

Chiropractic care at Vital Life Chiropractic can help lessen problems during the pregnancy and will set up both mom and baby for optimal health, both during the pregnancy and into the […]

Infertility Research

Infertility is a significant problem that many women face today.  Approximately 7.4 million women struggle with getting pregnant and staying pregnant.  Not being able to get pregnant not only affects women physically but can also be emotionally taxing as women desire to start a family and are unable to.  Doctors are unable to diagnose and address problems of infertility until one full year of unprotected sex has passed.

Causes for infertility can vary, and in some cases, the cause is unknown.  For women, fibroids, hormone imbalance, stress, damaged ovaries, diet, ovulation issues, heavy menstrual cycles, or any other number of concerns could be causes of infertility.  In men, there are only three things that can cause this issue: a sperm transport disorder, a gonad disorder, or a hypothalamic disorder.  To address infertility, you must first address the root cause.  While it may not be widely known, chiropractic care can treat root causes to treat the whole body and increase fertility.

Infertility Treatments

When first faced with not being able to conceive, most couples turn to hormone therapy, in vitro fertilization, or even invasive surgeries to correct problems.  But not all of these methods of treatment are effective.  Additionally, they can come with unwanted side effects or cost an exorbitant amount of money.  Hormone therapy can cause even more hormone problems down the road, leaving you dealing with hormonal issues for years to come.  In vitro fertilization only has a success rate of 30% and can cost over 10 thousand dollars per cycle.  If traditional treatments are out of your budget or seem like a lot on your body, then consider chiropractic care.  Lithia Springs chiropractor Dr. Ronnie Bolar has helped many women improve their fertility without costly expenses or risky side effects.

Chiropractic for Infertility

Chiropractic […]

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