When we think about our health and the ways we maintain it, most things we think about will be related to our physical well being. We may think of illnesses like colds, injuries to the back or legs, and broken bones. These are all important components of our health, but what many people don’t realize is that these are all tied to interconnected systems inside the body. Both the brain and the spinal cord work together to regulate the rest of the body. This means that what you may see as a minor injury or illness is rooted in issues of the brain, the spinal cord, and their communication. For the brain to develop properly and maintain health, proper care of the spine is also important. Visiting a Lithia Springs chiropractor can be a step towards optimal brain development.

How the Brain Develops

A child’s brain begins developing before they are even born and doesn’t stop developing throughout their life. The brain develops from right to left, and the majority of this growth happens in the first 3 years of life. The right brain controls emotions, processing, and moral choices and is the first part of the brain to develop. Then between the ages of three and six, the left brain begins to form reasoning, problem solving, and language abilities. While these functions develop, it is imperative for the body and brain to communicate well. The brain controls all systems in the body, including the central nervous system, which is tasked with transmitting messages from the brain to various nerves and body systems. Because of the spine and brain’s connection, a misalignment in the spine could lead to developmental delays and cause long-term issues. By adjusting the spine, a chiropractor like Dr. Ronnie Bolar can help ensure alignment that promotes better brain growth, development, and function.

The Effect of Chiropractic Care on the Brain

The nervous system relies on the brain and the spine working in unison to maintain health, and any interruption to this connection can cause a variety of issues. This disruption can cause issues like poor immune function, chronic pain, or headaches, but in some cases it can also bring about problems with the brain’s development. By receiving a chiropractic adjustment and ensuring the brain and spine are aligned, you may be preventing any unforeseen issues from occurring. Vital Life Chiropractic often sees individuals as young as newborns who can benefit from these adjustments. Regular care from a Lithia Springs chiropractor can boost the connection between a child’s body and brain, allowing them to grow and develop properly. This care is not only integral for growth and development of the brain, but will also have positive effects on your child’s overall health.

A gentle and natural chiropractic adjustment can be a safe way to proactively help your child’s brain develop properly. Book your first appointment with Dr. Ronnie Bolar today to see the effects for yourself! Vital Life Chiropractic serves practice members in Lithia Springs, Mableton, Austell, Atlanta, Kellogg, and all of Douglas County.



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