If you’re like most people, the past few months have brought about many changes to your work environment. Many people across the country have been working from home for weeks, and many of us will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. Whether you’re figuring out how to optimize your home office, are struggling to set up a productive workspace in your kitchen, or are still in the office on a daily or weekly basis, you should be paying attention to how helpful your work environment is when it comes to your productivity.

What Role Does Ergonomics Play?

Ergonomics is the study of an individual’s efficiency as it pertains to their working environment. It is about both the mental and physical efficiency you have based on your work setting. It includes how focused you feel in addition to how physically comfortable you are, as both work together to maximize your productivity and concentration. Ergonomics not only affects how much work you get done how quickly, but it’s also about you feel in your physical environment—are you uncomfortable, in pain, or overly distracted? If so, your work ergonomics need an overhaul. You may need to clean up your desk, clear the area around your workspace, or move your furniture into a different room or layout. You also may need a better chair, as your physical comfort is a big part of work productivity and efficiency.

Back Pain & Work Ergonomics

One of the biggest complaints of office workers is back pain. The next most common is neck pain. This makes sense since they’re sitting the majority of the day, often hunched over paperwork or a computer screen and keyboard. If you’ve been working from home, you may be experiencing even more pain and discomfort than normal. This can be due to sitting in an uncomfortable chair, such as a kitchen chair rather than a padded office chair. It can also be because you aren’t moving as much as normal. In the office, you’re getting up to go to meetings, talk to someone in their office, or answer an inquiry from a customer or client. But at home, everything is done on the phone or from your computer, minimizing the amount you need to move. This can take a toll on your joints, muscles, and spine since they all require movement to stay lubricated and minimize stiffness.

Improve Your Work Environment

If you’re struggling with productivity or efficiency in your current workspace, regardless of where that may be, it’s important to look around at the space to see how you can alter the environment to improve ergonomics. One of the easiest and most effective changes you can make is to get a new office chair. It may surprise you how big of a difference it can make in your overall comfort and your ability to remain focused and get work done with quickness and efficiency. Be sure to keep your body balanced to the best of your ability and aim to have good posture while working. Be sure to stretch your neck, arms, and back regularly, in addition to getting up to walk around for a few minutes every hour.

On top of maximizing your work ergonomics, be sure to visit Lithia Springs chiropractor Dr. Ronnie Bolar. He can help improve your physical and mental health, minimize pain in your back and neck, and optimize your comfort and efficiency in your unique work environment with neurologically-based chiropractic care. Contact the office of Vital Life Chiropractic today to set up your consultation.




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