Our Chiropractic Technique

The Pierce RESULTS System

Chiropractic has been around for over a century, and has steadily improved for the last 110 years by adding new methods, techniques, knowledge and technology to this tried-and-true method of approaching whole body health. Even today, our staff continually seeks ongoing education in the latest research regarding the nervous system and spinal health.

The Pierce RESULTS System was developed by Dr. Walter Vernon Pierce, D.C. It is a biomechanical analysis of spinal motion, utilizing “stress views” of the spine (flexion, extension, rotation, and/or lateral bending views where required) to determine the loss of spinal function, which leads to nervous system interference.

This system evolved from the earlier Pierce-Stillwagon technique (PST), which itself evolved from a core of chiropractic techniques, including Upper Cervical or Toggle Recoil Technique, Thompson, and more with their reliance upon palpation, leg checks, and thermographic instrumentation.

Dr. Bolar is a highly trained chiropractor using the Pierce RESULTS system. He and his team are experienced in utilizing thermographic assessment, hand and instrument adjustments, and the specialized Pierce adjusting table. Patient response to spinal adjusting is monitored with the use of advanced technology for changes and improvements in overall nervous system function.

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