As children grow, they tend to learn a lot by doing, whether that is a baby mimicking the sounds and movements she sees her parents do or a small child trying to run as fast as his older sibling. These activities are a great way for children to learn and grow, but as we well know, they can end up taking plenty of tumbles and falls along the way to discovering new things. Additionally, children tend to follow the paths of their parents in terms of lifestyle choices and overall health, so it’s important to start them early with making healthy choices and taking care of their bodies. Chiropractic care is a healthy, natural way to address your child’s growing bones and body to encourage and promote healing and growth, both during childhood and well into the future.

Chiropractic Care for Developing Brains

Children’s brains are continuously developing for many years, and as their brains develop, they send out communications through the nervous system, telling the body what muscles to move, what hormones to release, and more. The spine houses the spinal cord, which is where all these communications travel, and regular chiropractic care can help ensure these important lines of communication are open. When blood flow and nerves are functioning optimally, the brain is able to develop properly and complete its tasks effectively, promoting better concentration, growth, learning, and more.

A chiropractor working with children focuses on improving the brain-body connection and helping the nervous system develop and function to the best of its ability. Through gentle chiropractic care, the doctor aims to eliminate interference from the brain to the rest of the body. Dr. Ronnie in Lithia Springs is a pediatric chiropractor who loves to teach kids about how chiropractic works and to help their bodies work as effectively as possible.

Chiropractic Care for Growing Bodies

A gentle chiropractic adjustment for your child can help release tension, improve their mood, and encourage their bodies to function more optimally. Your Lithia Springs chiropractor will identify any misalignments that may prevent the body from functioning well, such as a misalignment affecting your child’s sleep. Parents and caregivers know how important healthy sleep habits are to their child’s development, and improving their sleep can help lessen both you and your child’s stress and allow them to function better during the day.

Gentle spinal adjustments through principled chiropractic care helps teach the body to grow in healthy ways and maintain proper posture and positioning. Scheduling regular adjustments with your Lithia Springs chiropractor will allow Dr. Bolar to monitor your child’s development and ensure the spine is growing properly. A heathy spine can help prevent nervous system issues where misaligned nerves may lead to ear infections, allergies, asthma, digestion problems, behavior challenges, and much more. Ensuring healthy spine positioning and good posture are healthy practices that should be carried on to adulthood.

Chiropractic Care into Adulthood

The more a child sees a parent or caregiver practice healthy habits, the more likely they are to want to mirror those habits themselves. This can include regularly scheduled trips to the chiropractor, which will set your child up for a long-term journey of health and wellness. If your child has been to the chiropractor a lot during his youth, he will likely feel comfortable and value the benefits well into adulthood, meaning his healthy childhood will easily transition into a healthy adulthood. Visit Lithia Springs chiropractor Dr. Bolar for principled care at Vital Life Chiropractic.




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