Slip and Fall Accident

If you’ve been involved in a slip and fall accident, you likely have a lot of things on your mind. You’re thinking about your physical pain levels, insurance costs, and doctors’ appointments. If your accident happened at work, you’re dealing with workers’ compensation claims, conversations with your employer, and figuring out how to make ends meet while you’re out of work. While many traditional treatment methods are utilized to speed up healing after a slip and fall accident, you may be surprised to find out that a chiropractor can play an important role in your healing as well.

Spinal Subluxations

A subluxation in your spine is simply a misalignment of one or more of the vertebrae. Several of these small bones make up your spine, and any of them can get twisted, turned, or shifted out of alignment from a slip and fall, and this can bring about a lot of health problems, pain, and discomfort. Not only do spinal subluxations cause back and neck pain, headaches, and muscle soreness throughout the body, but they can also cause dysfunction in other systems of the body.

Since the spinal cord travels through the spine and is an important part of the central nervous system, any misalignment of the vertebrae can put pressure on the surrounding nerves and wreak havoc on the proper function of the central nervous system and all the other system it helps to control. For example, a misalignment of the lumbar spine can bring about digestive troubles while a misalignment in the neck can bring about vision problems, sinus issues, or headaches.

When you fall, your body experiences a jolt of impact. Depending on where the impact occurs and how hard you fall, the accident can cause one or many spinal […]

Ergonomics in Today’s Unique Work Environments

If you’re like most people, the past few months have brought about many changes to your work environment. Many people across the country have been working from home for weeks, and many of us will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. Whether you’re figuring out how to optimize your home office, are struggling to set up a productive workspace in your kitchen, or are still in the office on a daily or weekly basis, you should be paying attention to how helpful your work environment is when it comes to your productivity.

What Role Does Ergonomics Play?

Ergonomics is the study of an individual’s efficiency as it pertains to their working environment. It is about both the mental and physical efficiency you have based on your work setting. It includes how focused you feel in addition to how physically comfortable you are, as both work together to maximize your productivity and concentration. Ergonomics not only affects how much work you get done how quickly, but it’s also about you feel in your physical environment—are you uncomfortable, in pain, or overly distracted? If so, your work ergonomics need an overhaul. You may need to clean up your desk, clear the area around your workspace, or move your furniture into a different room or layout. You also may need a better chair, as your physical comfort is a big part of work productivity and efficiency.

Back Pain & Work Ergonomics

One of the biggest complaints of office workers is back pain. The next most common is neck pain. This makes sense since they’re sitting the majority of the day, often hunched over paperwork or a computer screen and keyboard. If you’ve been working from home, you may be experiencing even more pain and discomfort than normal. […]

Experience Neck Pain Relief with Chiropractic

Neck pain is a common complaint across the nation that almost everyone will experience at some point in their lives.  It is also a chief reason for beginning chiropractic care, as chiropractic adjustments often bring about relief. A gentle adjustment from Lithia Springs chiropractor Dr. Ronnie Bolar can offer relief from minor neck pain to severe, intense neck pain.  Whatever type of pain you are experiencing, don’t let it affect your day-to-day life any longer.

Causes of Neck Pain

Poor posture is one of the primary causes of neck pain. Forward head posture puts added pressure on the neck, which can lead to stress and muscle strain. In fact, for every inch your neck moves forward, it can add up to 10 pounds of pressure to the neck as these muscles must work hard to keep the head from dropping to the chest. Those who sit in an office are much more likely to experience neck pain.  “Tech neck” is a common occurrence among office workers or those who use significant amounts of technology such as tablets or smartphones.  Tech neck occurs when the overuse of technology causes a head to be farther forward on the neck than normal, with the shoulders slumped in a way that puts additional strain on the neck. Other movements such as twisting, bending, repetitive motions, or even simply moving the wrong way, can lead to debilitating neck pain.  However, neck pain doesn’t have to dictate your life.  Chiropractic care is natural way to alleviate all neck pain and any related health issues.

A Safe and Natural Alternative

Because neck pain is so uncomfortable, the first instinct is to turn to medication or something that can offer immediate relief.  The problem with this is that medication is only a bandaid […]

Chiropractic Care for Auto Accident Pain

Every year, many people find themselves involved in auto accidents.  Thankfully, most accidents are minor fender benders, but even though you think everything is fine, you may actually have an injury to the spine or neck. The sudden impact of any auto accident, no matter how minor, is enough to cause injury.  You may be oblivious to the effects of an auto accident as pain is usually the last symptom to manifest itself.  However, if these issues are not dealt with in a timely manner, they could lead to more serious chronic back or neck pain later on, in addition to a slew of other issues.  To avoid recurring problems from auto accident injuries, visit a Lithia Springs chiropractor for examination after any fender bender, no matter how minor it seemed.

Common Injuries from an Auto Accident

One of the most common complaints after an auto accident is neck and back pain caused by the sudden forward motion of the neck during an accident.  Out of the 6 million auto accidents that occur each year, rear-end crashes are the most common, and all of these lead to some form of forcing the head forward and then slamming it back, causing the painful symptoms of whiplash.  Whiplash Associated Disorders, or WAD, occur in about 15% of these auto accidents.  Lower back pain is also a common problem after being in an accident, and unfortunately, this type of lower back pain will recur frequently until corrected.  Symptoms such as headaches, muscle pain, stiffness, or blurred vision after an accident should not be taken lightly as they can lead to more serious, long-term problems in the future.  In most accidents, any damage to the car usually signifies damage to the spine as well.  It […]

Improve Thyroid Function with Chiropractic

The thyroid is an important part of the body in that it regulates the metabolism, controls body temperature, and ensures proper growth of the body.  If the thyroid isn’t functioning as it should, it could be the cause of health concerns.  Hyperthyroidism (overproduction of necessary hormones) and hypothyroidism (underproduction of necessary hormones) will lead to larger health issues.  Thankfully, a Lithia Springs chiropractor can help.

Poor Thyroid Function Leads To Health Concerns

If you experience symptoms such as unexplained weight gain, inability to concentrate, depression, fatigue, or hair loss, then you might have a low functioning thyroid, known as hypothyroidism.  Many things can lead to hypothyroidism, such as taking certain prescription medications, a misalignment of the spine, or removal of the thyroid.  Hyperthyroidism, or an overactive thyroid, can also cause a myriad of health problems like rapid heart rate, tremors, anxiety, overactive bowels, sweating, or restlessness.  Medication is commonly prescribed to optimize thyroid production, but medication only covers up the symptoms for the time being and often comes with a slew of side effects.  In addition, too much medication can cause thyroiditis (inflammation).  Many people don’t initially recognize problems with thyroid function and when they finally do, they are unsure of the next steps. Lithia Springs chiropractor Dr. Ronnie Bolar can assess the spine and perform chiropractic adjustments to get your thyroid function back on track.

Chiropractic Care Corrects Thyroid Function

Whether you are experiencing hypo- or hyperthyroidism, rest assured that chiropractic care can aid in improving thyroid function.  Like the rest of the body’s systems, the thyroid is controlled by the central nervous system, composed of the brain and spinal cord.  When the spine is out of alignment, the vertebrae press on the spinal cord leading to interrupted nerve communication. This leads to a […]

Neck Pain


Cervical mobilization: concurrent effects on pain, sympathetic nervous system activity and motor activity. Sterling M, Jull G, Wright A. Man Ther (Manual Medicine) 2001;6(2):72-81.

In this paper, 30 patients with middle or lower neck (cervical) pain had “spinal manipulative therapy” (SMT) and their pain reduced after care.

Spinal care was found to have a pain fighting effect (“a hypoalgesic effect) as pain thresholds increased. It was also found that the sympathetic nervous system, which affects the functions of the internal organs, was affected: The authors wrote: “The treatment technique also produced a sympathoexcitatory effect with an increase in skin conductance and a decrease in skin temperature.”

Chiropractic treatment of post surgical neck syndrome utilizing mechanical force manually assisted short-lever spinal adjustments. Polkinghorn B and Colloca CJ Manipulative Physiol Ther November/December 2001. Vol 24 No. 9. This is the case of a 35-year-old female who, after having neck surgery two separate times (a discectomy at C3/4 and a fusion at C5/6) suffered from chronic neck pain for over 5 years.

She had originally undergone the surgeries to resolve neck pain. Her surgeon suggested a third surgery but she decided on chiropractic care. Within 30 days of chiropractic care all her chronic pain and muscle spasm resolved. A follow-up two years later revealed no recurrences of her previous chronic problem. Chronic spinal pain syndromes: a clinical pilot trial comparing acupuncture, a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID), and spinal manipulation. Giles LG, Muller R. J Manipulative Physiol Ther July/August 1999:22(6), pp.376-81.

Seventy seven patients were divided into three groups. One group received needle acupuncture, one group an NSAID and one group chiropractic care. They were followed up after 30 days. Spinal care was the only intervention to achieve a statistically significant improvement. Patients receiving chiropractic care demonstrated a 30.7% reduction in Oswestry scores and a 25% reduction in neck disability […]

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