Infertility is a significant problem that many women face today.  Approximately 7.4 million women struggle with getting pregnant and staying pregnant.  Not being able to get pregnant not only affects women physically but can also be emotionally taxing as women desire to start a family and are unable to.  Doctors are unable to diagnose and address problems of infertility until one full year of unprotected sex has passed.

Causes for infertility can vary, and in some cases, the cause is unknown.  For women, fibroids, hormone imbalance, stress, damaged ovaries, diet, ovulation issues, heavy menstrual cycles, or any other number of concerns could be causes of infertility.  In men, there are only three things that can cause this issue: a sperm transport disorder, a gonad disorder, or a hypothalamic disorder.  To address infertility, you must first address the root cause.  While it may not be widely known, chiropractic care can treat root causes to treat the whole body and increase fertility.

Infertility Treatments

When first faced with not being able to conceive, most couples turn to hormone therapy, in vitro fertilization, or even invasive surgeries to correct problems.  But not all of these methods of treatment are effective.  Additionally, they can come with unwanted side effects or cost an exorbitant amount of money.  Hormone therapy can cause even more hormone problems down the road, leaving you dealing with hormonal issues for years to come.  In vitro fertilization only has a success rate of 30% and can cost over 10 thousand dollars per cycle.  If traditional treatments are out of your budget or seem like a lot on your body, then consider chiropractic care.  Lithia Springs chiropractor Dr. Ronnie Bolar has helped many women improve their fertility without costly expenses or risky side effects.

Chiropractic for Infertility

Chiropractic care with Dr. Bolar focuses on increasing the health of the central nervous system to improve overall health and wellness.  It also seeks to address the root cause of health issues, spinal misalignments, that disrupt nerve communication and cause dysfunction, including infertility.  Proper spinal health not only can improve function within the body but it can also reduce stress, which can increase chances of getting pregnant and staying pregnant.

Case Studies Supporting Chiropractic for Infertility

If you are still doubtful of chiropractic increasing your fertility, many research studies have been conducted to prove the effectiveness of chiropractic for women who cannot get pregnant.  In one case study, three women with conception issues sought chiropractic care.  One woman had been trying for two years, one woman for 7 months, and another for 4 years with 2 failed in vitro attempts.  All women were found to have spinal misalignments upon examination.  After regular chiropractic care, all women were able to conceive naturally.  Another case study focused on two women with infertility issues that were contemplating artificial insemination.  Both women became pregnant after undergoing consistent chiropractic care.


If you have suffered through infertility and are looking for a natural and effective method to increase fertility, then turn to Lithia Spring chiropractor Dr. Bolar.  Contact Vital Life Chiropractic today to improve your overall health and wellness and increase your chances of conceiving and carrying a baby to term.



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