While back pain is a great reason to visit a Lithia Spring chiropractor, headaches are also a big reason that a lot of people first visit a chiropractor. In fact, 90 % of Americans have complaints of frequent headaches.  While most headaches are minor and not always a reason for concern, they can be annoying and affect everyday life.  When a headache begins, many people turn to medication to alleviate headache pain.  But is that really the best option?

Medication Only Masks Symptoms

The dull or sharp pain that accompanies a headache can be frustrating and painful; however, medication is not always the best option to treat headache pain.  Prescription medication only acts like a band-aid, masking symptoms for a little while, and symptoms usually return once the medication has worn off.  Additionally, medications can come with the risk of potentially harmful side effects.  So while medication might take the edge off initially, the long-term risks can outweigh the short-term reward.

Chiropractic Is a Safe Alternative to Medication

For a safe and natural way to effectively treat headache pain, turn to Lithia Springs chiropractor Dr. Ronnie Bolar. Headaches can be caused by tension or pressure in the back and neck. Spinal subluxations, or misalignments in the spine, can cause this pressure that leads to headache pain. Chiropractic adjustments can correct misalignments which will reduce pressure and tension in muscles and joints, thus relieving headache pain.

Chiropractic Care for All Types of Headaches

Whether you experience cluster headaches, tension headaches, stress headaches, or migraine pain, Dr. Ronnie of Vital Life Chiropractic can help.  Don’t feel like you have to live with headache pain. Let Dr. Ronnie show you that chiropractic really does work as a natural, effective, drug-free solution to headaches. Multiple case studies have shown the effectiveness of chiropractic when it comes to relieving recurring headaches.  One case study focused on a 50-year-old woman who had suffered from intense migraines for 40 years.  She sought chiropractic care for migraines that were accompanied by nausea, vomiting, photophobia, and visual disturbances.  She experienced significant relief from migraine pain after just a few regular chiropractic visits, and after 6 months, she was completely migraine free!

Another case study looked at two treatment groups for tension headaches.  One group took amitriptyline, a prescription medication for headaches, while another group received chiropractic care.  Both groups did well initially.  However, when treatments were halted a few weeks later, those receiving prescription medication saw no improvement or even worsening of symptoms, while those receiving chiropractic care experienced a significant reduction in headache pain.  Those taking mediation also complained of irritating side effects such as dry mouth, drowsiness, and weight gain, while people in the chiropractic group had none of these.


If headaches have become a regular part of your life and you are ready to say goodbye to headache pain, contact Dr. Ronnie Bolar of Vital Life Chiropractic today to find out more about how gentle chiropractic adjustments can help relieve headache symptoms.



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