We know that chiropractic care can be beneficial for babies as early as right after birth, but did you know that a baby can benefit from chiropractic care before they are even born? In pregnancy, a baby should be head down by a certain point to ensure that he or she can be born safely. When the baby’s head is up, that is known as a breech presentation. A breech presentation can rule out vaginal birth if it is not corrected early enough in pregnancy, making it one of the most common causes of C-sections. One option to help a baby get into the right position is visiting a Lithia Springs chiropractor who is skilled in the Webster Technique.

Turning Breech Babies

By the 34th week of pregnancy, a small portion of fetuses are in a breech position- about 4%. At this point, it is uncommon for the baby to flip before birth due to dwindling space in the uterus for movement. This is the cause of about 13% of the C-sections performed today, and while these interventions can be life-saving in some situations, the invasive nature of a surgery makes them a less optimal choice for most mothers and babies.  To try and avoid this outcome, some doctors will perform something called an ECV, or External Cephalic Version, to try and manually turn the baby. This is done by applying pressure to the uterus externally, which can sometimes work, but can often times be painful and even traumatic. If you have a baby you are hoping to turn but want to avoid the stress and uncertainty of an ECV, there may be other options.

The Webster Technique

Some chiropractors, including Dr. Ronnie Bolar in Lithia Springs, specialize in the Webster Technique, which addresses spinal misalignments as a possible cause of breech presentation. When Dr. Larry Webster’s daughter had a traumatic experience with a breech birth, he began to explore the connection. After developing this technique, he noticed many pregnant women experienced a breech baby switching to the ideal position. His work has led the Webster Technique to be one of the most important methods for turning a breech baby, leading to better birth experiences and more positive outcomes.

How the Webster Technique Works

Like other chiropractic care techniques, the Webster Technique focuses on addressing spinal misalignments, in this case with the goal of reducing pressure on the uterus. This additional pressure reduces space in the womb, restricting the baby’s movement and preventing them from flipping into a better position. When performing the Webster Technique, Dr. Ronnie Bolar will focus on the sacrum, in order to align the spine and the pelvis properly. This procedure is not only safe, but it can also have a very high rate of success. Once a baby has flipped, the mother may feel more comfortable and have a better, faster, and more natural birth experience.

If you have a baby in a breech position, visiting Vital Life Chiropractic can be an important step towards optimally positioning your baby for a safe and natural birth. Contact us today to learn more about neurologically-based chiropractic and the Webster Technique!




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