In the United States today, over 300,000 children suffer from Tourette’s syndrome.  This neurological disorder is characterized by its involuntary movements or vocalizations known as tics.  In most children, tics begin between the ages of 5 and 7, typically becoming more noticeable by the ages of 8 to 12.  However, in some instances, tics have begun in children as young as 3.  Most children outgrow tics by adulthood.  If they do carry on into adulthood, they are usually not as noticeable and are more controlled.  But for children, it can be very frustrating to experience these involuntary movements and vocalizations.  While no official cure exists, there is some research that suggests that Tourette’s syndrome may be genetic.  It has also been linked to trauma or injury, specifically of the neck.  If your child is suffering from Tourette’s syndrome, you may be surprised to hear that a Lithia Springs chiropractor can help.  Dr. Ronnie Bolar of Vital Life Chiropractic can provide a natural, drug-free, and effective solution for managing Tourette’s syndrome and tics.

About Tourette’s Syndrome and Tics

If your child has been diagnosed with Tourette’s syndrome, then they have to deal with one or more tics that is associated with this syndrome.  Some children without Tourette’s also experience tics.  A diagnosis of Tourette’s usually means that your child experiences multiple tics for longer periods of time.  Doctors have also found that Tourette’s is often diagnosed in conjunction with other conditions as well, such as anxiety disorders, OCD, learning disabilities, migraines, and ADHD.  Many turn to medication to help manage tics, but medicine only masks symptoms for a short time and they can have negative long-term effects.  For more permanent and effective results, consider chiropractic care from a Lithia Springs chiropractor.

Chiropractic Care for Managing Tourette’s

You may be wondering how exactly chiropractic care can help those suffering from Tourette’s.  Chiropractic is neurologically-based, which means it focuses on improving the health and wellness of the whole body through the central nervous system.  Since Tourette’s and tics are both neurological in nature, chiropractic care is a great treatment option for managing this disorder.  Misalignments of the spine disrupt nerve communication which affects the overall function of the body.  These disruptions can be the root cause of the tics.  Gentle chiropractic adjustments from Dr. Bolar will remove misalignments and restore proper communication and function in the body, as well as decrease tics and help improve other conditions associated with Tourette’s.

Case Studies Prove Chiropractic Is Effective

Case studies have shown that chiropractic has helped others with Tourette’s and it can help you, too!  In one such study, a 15-year-old boy with Tourette’s, ADHD, migraines, and other issues found relief with chiropractic care.  After 19 weeks of care, his total of 21 health issues decreased to just 2!  His headaches were gone and the occurrence of tics had drastically reduced.

For a safe, effective, and long-term solution for Tourette’s, turn to chiropractic care. Contact Dr. Ronnie Bolar of Vital Life Chiropractic and find out more about the amazing benefits of chiropractic care for Tourette’s and for your overall health.




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