A healthy immune system is vital to staying alive and thriving.  Low immune system function means increased sickness and decreased ability to stay healthy and well.  Without a properly functioning immune system, it’s harder to fight off sickness, recover from sickness, or stay free of illnesses.  There is a strong link between immune system function and the central nervous system, comprised of the brain and spinal cord.  For this reason, chiropractic is a very effective way to strengthen the immune system and improve overall health and wellness.

The Connection Between the Central Nervous System and the Immune System

All the cells in the body are connected through the central nervous system.  Each cell affects our immune system health.  Improving the immune system can not only help fight off viruses such as colds or bacterial infections, but it can also improve symptoms of more serious conditions such as HIV, inflammatory arthritis, cancer, and more, leading to more optimal health and improved quality of life.  People who suffer from immunodeficiency will be more susceptible to infections, such as sinus infections, ear infections, bronchitis, or colds.  Inflammation of the internal organs causes autoimmune disorders or other conditions like Type I diabetes.  Improving the condition of the central nervous system is a great way to strengthen the immune system and decrease symptoms of immunodeficiency or occurrences of sickness.

Solutions for Better Immune System Health

Facing constant sickness can be draining, and it is necessary to search for a solution to improve your immune system health.  Increasing antibody levels is a solution for boosting the immune system strength.  Increased antibodies in the body can aid in fighting off sickness by increasing the body’s ability to fight off bacteria and viruses.  Removing spinal subluxations and correcting misalignments through chiropractic adjustments is a safe and natural way to increase antibodies to fight off infection and stay healthy.  Chiropractic research has shown a promising connection between chiropractic care and increased immune system function. One case study showed that individuals under chiropractic care had immune system improvement after just 3 months of regular chiropractic adjustments and significantly more improvement after 9 months of chiropractic care.

Chiropractic Is For All Ages

Adults and children alike benefit from chiropractic care.  In fact, a study of 650 children was conducted to check for spinal misalignments.  All children had decreased immune system function and suffered from chronic illnesses.  All children showed spinal subluxations, and after 3 months of chiropractic care, they all noticed improvements in health.  Not only were they physically healthier, but they were also emotionally happier due to physical wellness.  Adults and children suffering from physical ailments noticed psychological improvements related to improved health showing that chiropractic is beneficial for overall wellbeing.  Another study was conducted on two brothers with HIV.  They had multiple symptoms, such as infections, vomiting, and an inability to walk.  After chiropractic care, these boys saw increased immune strength, their viral load dropped, and they were able to walk again.


If you or someone you love is constantly sick or has a chronic illness that affects the immune system, contact Dr. Ronnie Bolar of Vital Life Chiropractic to improve function of the central nervous system and increase immune system health.



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