People who suffer from allergies know how difficult it is to obtain relief from the symptoms that create a battle within your body. Regularly they search the internet and their local drug stores for anything that can help to make their day to day activities easier to manage. Being familiar with how your body handles allergic reactions and what causes allergies in the first place is usually a great start to bringing about relief.

Anytime our body has an unknown presence in it, our immune system begins working hard to eradicate it. By going into overdrive, your immune system creates antibodies and histamines to counteract the invader so that the body is protected. Unfortunately, a large number of these reactions are to allergens that are not a threat to your body at all, so the battle never needed to happen in the first place. What can we do to prevent this from taking place?

Typical Allergy Care

When someone is suffering from allergies, the first method to deal with them in the United States is medication. If you search your local stores, there are myriads of medications like antihistamines, decongestants, and others that you can purchase to attempt to handle your allergies and their symptoms. Doctors can prescribe corticosteroids or even give allergy shots to help, but today the trend of limiting or eliminating medication is growing. Receiving care from a Lithia Springs chiropractor is changing the lives of allergy sufferers, and research has proven that chiropractic is a great option for those with allergies, both with short-term and long-term relief and overall health.

Improving Spinal Health Helps the Immune System

Your body’s immune system is a remarkable thing and it works in conjunction with your brain to take care of threats to your body. This is the system that creates what is needed to deal with any invading presences in your body. Allergens that are present usually are not dangerous, but because they are foreign to your body, they bring about an alert to begin aggressively combatting them.

Studies have shown that vertebral subluxations and spinal misalignments can be a factor in your body not utilizing proper protocols to deal with allergens. When the communication pathways between the immune system and the brain are limited, then the body begins to operate aggressively towards the allergen. Proper nerve function and brain to body communication allows your body to properly recognize if an allergen is harmful or not.

Upper Respiratory Symptoms Relieved

Allergies can bring about a slew of unpleasant symptoms, such as a runny nose, itchy eyes, scratchy throat, and cold-like symptoms. Additionally, they can bring about full-blown illnesses, such as upper respiratory infections. One case study reviewed the improvements of upper respiratory issues based on adjustments of vertebral subluxations. They showed rapid improvement in upper respiratory symptoms after a chiropractic adjustment, showing that improving spinal health allows the body to perform on a much more efficient level.

Treating Allergies Successfully Through Chiropractic Procedures

A study published in 2003 showed “significant alleviation” of allergy-related illnesses by adjusting the spine and creating proper alignment in the patients. They concluded that proper use of chiropractic care and creating positive changes in the vertebrae can reduce and improve allergic symptoms in patients suffering from allergies.



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